Safaree Samuels fractures his Neck while bussing “Bruk Up Dance” moves

[Sharingbuttons]Jamaican American entertainer Safaree Samuels took to his social media page a couple hours ago to explain that he was in the Hospital for a fractured he received, while going into details Safaree explains plat he was actually trying to do the classic “Bruk Up Dance” which he is known to be good at.

The Love and Hip Hop Hollywood star was quick to point out that he will never attempt to do the “Bruk Up Dance” again. Stating “I will not be doing the bruk up anymore. I don’t know how it happen, but I need to see who I can sue because this is not right.” however no sooner than he was out of the hospital Safaree was out and about dancing again.

Safaree also kept a Giveaway event recently, see highlights below.

Jamaican-American Rapper Safaree get’s Multi Million Dollar Dildo Deal

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