Scammers Target Christopher Martin

Chris Martin the popular Rising Star winner, who has released big hits over the past 15 years is constantly in demand and scammers are seeking to cash in on his success. The artiste’s manager issued a warning to persons who would want to book him for shows, to be very careful as scammers are seeking to rob them of their cash.

The scammers are using fake social media pages that are similar, to Martin’s pages on Facebook and Instagram as they seek to attract the attention of promoters of events who would want to contact Martin, they could easily rob victims of large sums of money.

Martin the World-Famous artiste’s manager, Kingy Lettman said, once negotiation with the scammers begin, they will request that money is sent to a secretary, who is usually an accomplice.

Kingy was not aware of anyone who was caught by the scammers yet, but he wanted to do all he could to spread the word about the fake pages so that no one would get caught and he takes them down when he finds them.

He also advised that the authentic pages that belongs to Chris Martin has blue ticks on them and persons who are interested in booking show dates, dubplates and the voicing of songs are to be very careful, but they can use the right social media pages.

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