Scenes and Reactions from Today’s Earthquake in Jamaica – Watch Videos

Monday, October 30, 2023, 2:41 PM

Following the estimated 5.6 magnitude earthquake that rocked Jamaica Monday morning, scenes of its aftermath have been rapidly spreading across social media.



According to the Earthquake Unit at the University of the West Indies, the epicentre of today’s earthquake was located approximately 10km south of Buff Bay, Portland. Scenes from various sections of the island have revealed minor damages to buildings, predominantly in Kingston.

In videos taken by bystanders, debris from damaged buildings can be seen on the streets. Initial reports state that there have been no fatalities, but members of the public have been seeking medical assistance, with a video showing individuals suffering from fainting spells.



Footage of a cement factory in Kingston surrounded by an immense cloud of dust ignited concerns for workers, but none of the factory’s employees were reportedly hurt during the earthquake. However, a few staff members were reportedly having breathing complications due to the dust.

Footage of the moment the earthquake hit has also been circulating online, with veteran journalist Cliff Hughes forced to take cover under his desk in the middle of a radio broadcast.

Dancehall artiste Wayne Marshall and his wife, fellow entertainer and television host Tami Chin Mitchell, were recording a video alongside his son Geomar when the earthquake hit. The trio quickly left the room they were recording in, with Tami and Wayne immediately asking where their youngest child was.


Following the massive quake, Prime Minister Andrew Holness addressed the public. According to Holness, despite reports that there have only been minor damages, the government is taking all necessary precautions, and all protocols have been activated at the Office of the Prime Minister.

The prime minister urged Jamaicans to remain calm and stay in a safe location as there may be aftershocks.


THE JCF also shared the message below shortly after the quake.

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