School Children Turn the Tables and Beat Up Alleged Robbers – Watch Video

A short video clip is making rounds on Twitter showing school children and a few plain-clothes individuals in the throes of a chaotic fight just outside a school compound. It was also uploaded to the account, REPUBLIC OF MOBAY, with the caption, “they attempted to rob school children in jamaica but ended up being beaten by the school children instead.”

As of now, the name of the school the students attend is unknown, but the uniform consists of a deep purple top and grey bottoms.

The incident took place in the middle of the road, just a few steps away from the bus stop where many other children were standing, presumably waiting for transportation. In the clip, a mix of students and plain-clothed individuals can be seen tumbling into the street.

During the brawl, a student kicks one of the men in his back, and he falls into the road, only for the student to follow up with another kick and some punches.

With another face-off happening at the same time, a schoolboy drags the next intruder and throws him onto the floor. Not releasing the grip that he has on the man, he proceeds to punch him, and a fellow schoolmate joins the fray to assist in beating the man.

Following, someone wearing a yellow hoodie and a backpack enters the scene with a long piece of stick, swinging it about, and a student with a stick of his own faces off with the aggressor who quickly tries to flee when stones start being thrown.

One of the men tried to jump the outer wall and escape, which led to a student hurling a stone in his direction.

Throughout the entire ordeal, exclamations in the form of expletives and shouts of, “video, video!!” could be heard.

A Twitter user commented on the post, “them shouldn’t get fi come out.. Everybody should a run in pon dem,” while another individual stated, “Ok this is the one school fight I’ll allow, bravo young boys not only did you defend yourself but ur fellow school mates. Be thy brothers keeper.”

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Watch the video below:

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