School Girls Make Fun at Rygin King’s “Felt Out Of School” Speech [Video]

Tuesday, April 16, 2019, 7:09 PM
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It’s interesting to see that people are still making jokes about Rygin King’s Onstage interview. These school girls decided to make a video to address Rygin King’s behavior. The schoolgirls question Rygin King’s “I wasn’t a dunce kid” remarks.

“Rygin you are a dunce kid,” says the out-spoken student, she went on to state that his “felt out of school” speech was the reason he dropped out of school.


“What is reconebly?” they ask.

Rygin King was recently asked about his felt out of school Statement while on His Canada tour in which he replied saying “Rygin King don’t even mek that matter him” he went on to explain that he does not make the viral negative videos get him down. The Mobay artiste also stated that he would pay the persons who made the viral videos of him from his recent onstage interview.

Watch the full hilarious video below done by the girls.

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