School of Fish Seen Jumping Out the Water in Negril – Watch Video

Sunday, October 8, 2023, 9:16 PM

An amazing school of fish sighting was made in Negril, and it was recorded and shared online. The sighting occurred at Seven Mile Beach, where an individual was lucky enough to record a school of fish skipping in the sea.



The fish were spotted travelling in large numbers in a neatly organised line. While swimming, they jumped in a unified pattern, and all that could be heard was the sound of them breaking through the surface and big splashes when their bodies hit the water.

Watch the video of the fish below:


According to research, this behaviour in fish could mean a variety of things, including an attempt to avoid predators, a method to communicate with other members of their group, and a method to regulate their body temperature.

When the video was shared on Instagram, viewers took to the comments with jokes such as “Fish them a train for the Olympics” and “Dawgs dem hear bout the crab situation dem nuh deh pon dat😭😭😭.”

See more comments below:


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