Bauxite Companies Waste Killed Rio Cobre Fishing Industry, “It Is Unjust, It Is Cruel,” Says Kesonard Gordon – Watch Interview

The Friends of The Rio Cobre president Kesonard Gordon tackles the issue of chemical pollution in Jamaican rivers and streams caused by Bauxite Companies. According to Gordon, Jamaican rivers, particularly the Rio Cobre, are a primary source of income for many locals and should be protected at all costs.

“Think of what this region would have been like minus the Rio Cobre during slavery and after slavery. The folks they could go to the river, they catch their fish, they have some to sell, they have some to eat, they send their children to school,” Gordon explained in an interview with I Never Knew Tv.

Kesonard Gordon

Gordon continued to outline the economic and social benefits of Jamaican rivers by stating, “There are several university students who have come from this region who go to school, set their fish pots, and sustained their education. Several families have brought up their children from all walks of life, different educational and vocational pursuit. You have lawyers, doctors, teachers, nurses, you name it. Accountants who have been grown, nurtured, and educated on the Rio Cobre.”

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President Gordon revealed that the Rio Cobre River has been uninhabitable for fish for almost one year. Gordon also said that Bauxite company Windalco is still polluting the river despite the catastrophic impact caused by their actions. “NEPA has stipulated that Windalco should restock the river in May, which was last month, and to date, they have not done that. They have continued to pollute the river,” Gordon declared.

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Watch the interview below:

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