Dre Island Exposes High-Level Pollution Taking Place In Jamaican Waters

Friday, April 29, 2022, 3:24 PM GMT-5

Water pollution has always been a big issue in the world and is something that has been spoken about on a wide scale globally with the matter even becoming a major topic of conversation in Jamaica in the year 2021 due to the contamination of the Rio Cobre in St. Catherine for which a story was published in the Jamaica Gleaner.

Just recently the matter has risen up as a topic and it was put to the public by Reggae artiste Dre Island who posted a video online, showing how polluted the waters surrounding Jamaica have become. As a way to get the information out to the world, “Mouta Massi’s” Instagram account reposted the video to their page which also attracted comments showing that people were seriously upset by what they saw.

The specific area that the entertainer showed on the video was the water surrounding the Palisadoes strip going to the airport and according to the “We Pray” artiste he saw the scene right after he arrived in the country. Based on the footage that the artiste uploaded it could be seen that there were a lot of plastic bottles and other items floating in the water which aggravated the entertainer who passionately called for the act of polluting the waters to stop.

In the comment section, one person who goes by the Instagram handle @slimmbellacinderella wrote “You can see them from up in the plane. I saw soo much pollution in the water when I was about to land in j.a it’s actually really bad,” while another who goes by the name @johnnoycampb was quick to call out the Government of Jamaica by stating, “A no there so alone government busy doing nothing!!!”

Watch Dre Island showing polluted water below.

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