Sean Kingston Released on Bail – Watch Video

Wednesday, June 5, 2024, 8:56 AM

Kisean Anderson, more popularly known as Sean Kingston, was released on bail on Tuesday night from the Broward County Jail after paying a bond amount of USD$100,000. Kingston was met by friends and family outside the jail who were present to pick him up.

According to CBS News Miami, Kingston’s mom, sister, as well as personal security were waiting for him and “They were not interested in talking…but they were celebrating Sean Kingston as he walked out.”


Video footage of the moment he walked out of jail was captured by CBS personnel. As Kingston leaves through the doors he is met by reporters and others who start taking pictures, videoing, and asking questions related to his charges.

The entertainer Kept his head down, which was covered by a white shirt, and did not say a word. He was peppered with questions until he got into the backseat of a car (Maybach), which he told the reporter on the scene was registered to him.

Sean Kingston and his mom, Janice Turner (Mama Kingston), are accused of multiple charges, including charges of theft and fraud.

Watch the video below:

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