Sean Kingston Says, “I am good and so is my mother” After Their Arrest

Friday, May 24, 2024, 7:26 AM

Amidst their current legal battle, Sean Kingston took to social media to point out that he and his mother, who was arrested on May 23, 2024, are doing just fine. His mother, Janice Turner, was arrested by law enforcement at a mansion allegedly rented by Kingston.

The arrest was in connection with a lawsuit that was filed against the artiste for reportedly taking items from a seller and making a downpayment but failing to follow up on the agreed terms of payment.


Following the home raid and arrest, Kingston made a post on Instagram, both admonishing critics and addressing fans, stating, “People love negative energy! I am good and so is my mother!.. my lawyers are handling everything as we speak.”

Turner was taken into custody and charged as soon as she was held and her son was arrested in California shortly after, according to investigators who issued a press release on the matter.

Reports also state that a lawyer who is representing the two, Robert Rosenblatt, said, “We are aware of some of the allegations. We look forward to addressing these in court and are confident of a successful resolution for Shawn and his mother.”

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