Sean Paul’s Wife Shows Her PUM?

Friday, February 12, 2021, 9:52 AM

Over the years, women have taken fashion to an extraordinary level with their different styles of clothing, even going as far as adjusting their bodies surgically to look good.

Some women like Sean Paul’s wife Jody, who some years ago complained about Usain Bolt, making too much noise in her community, was caught on video using a fake vagina buffer.


In the video, she could be seen revealing that, she was wearing the adjustment, and another lady explaining what happens when she puts on the buffer.

According to the other woman in the video, the men at the gym they were coming from all thought that she had a natural gift where her private part was concerned but would be disappointed to know it was fake.

Jody explained that she was not ashamed of wearing it, and would even wear it to the supermarket.

She seemed as if she enjoys the laugh from the reaction she gets when wearing the buffer, but no one knows at this time if Sean Paul, is smiling about it.

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