Search for Occupants of the Aircraft that Crash-Landed in Rocky Point Still On

Tuesday, January 26, 2021, 4:19 PM

Currently, an intelligence-based operation that involves searching all houses in Rocky Point, Clarendon will continue throughout today.

The objective of the operation is to find the occupants who were on board the 12-seater plane when it crash-landed on Saturday evening. 


The commanding officer is relying on the intelligence he has been receiving from special sources. He is still uncertain about the content of the aircraft, why it crash-landed and who was in it, this causes him to be disappointed. 

The Superintendent that has oversight of the operation, Christopher Phillips who is from the May Pen Police Station reported that residents said, they saw two white men being taken out of the aircraft.

He also revealed that the only persons who can give the reason for the crash-landing is the occupants of the aircraft.

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