Section of Post Office in Kingston Engulfed in Flames – Watch Video

Monday, October 23, 2023, 3:45 PM

Shocking footage shows a section of a post office in Kingston, Jamaica, caught on fire, causing a massive blaze that seemed destined to spread to other buildings in its surroundings.

The blaze that broke out was captured on camera by a driver passing by. The flames seemed to have spread rapidly, as they were fueled by combustible materials within the post office.


According to the caption written on the video that was shared on social media, the location of the post office that was set ablaze is in the vicinity of South Camp Road. There were no firefighters or relevant authorities present at the scene, but a lone security officer was at the location looking on before springing into action.

The person who recorded the video was cruising in a car listening to music on the radio, and as if by design, as the driver reached close to where the fire was the music that was playing on the stereo inside the car said, “Fire, call security,” shortly before the video ended.

Watch the video below:

Below the post, commenters chimed in, and the majority of them were amused by the timing of the sample\dub. Thereal_damion8 wrote, “It’s the sampler in the music that said “FIRE” for me.”

“It’s always the background music,” one viewer commented, and another person wrote, “It’s the radio station that said “fire” for me.”

Read more comments below:

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