Seduced Crime Boss Turned Over to Police by Wife of Man He Ordered Killed

In a Twitter post that has been making its way across the internet, a Columbian woman decided to be the karma of her husband’s murderer when she orchestrated a well-executed plan to get the crime boss arrested.

According to Hollywood Unlocked, the woman planned to seek revenge for her husband’s killing after learning that it came at the hands of the local crime boss in Cordoba. Ruben Dario Viloria Barrios, also known as “Juancho,” disguised himself as a religious man and went around preaching about God, but secretly organized narcotics shipments to the United States and Central America.

Authorities reported that Barrios always kept a low profile in the town of Cienaga de Oro, but the unknown woman managed to infiltrate his social groups and gained his trust. After enticing Barrios, the unidentified lady was successful in making the crime boss fall in love with her, and he began to open up to her about his illicit activities. She then succeeded in leaking this information to the local police, who have reportedly had Barrios on their watch list since 2020 but were unsuccessful in arresting and charging him because of a lack of evidence.

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After the authorities managed to garner enough information against Barrios, the woman gave them information about his next meeting with other lawbreakers and set him up to be arrested. While the meeting was underway, members of the national police’s Special Operations Group stormed in and apprehended the group. This all took place in the month of February, and recently, Barrios was sentenced to 22 years in prison.

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