Serial Rapist Apprehended And Charged in St. Catherine

Tuesday, January 17, 2023, 2:54 PM

A man whom the police have since described as a serial rapist has been charged with the rape of a 12-year-old child.

Kemar Coleman, a 32-year-old, has been charged with six counts of rape, severe sexual assault, buggery, and sexually touching a minor by detectives working for the Centre for the Investigation of Sexual Offences and Child Abuse (CISOCA), reported the Jamaica Observer.


According to reports, Coleman engaged in improper sexual activity with the 12-year-old girl while she was at home on multiple occasions. On learning of Coleman’s unscrupulous deeds, the incident was reported to law enforcement officers, who launched an investigation into the matter.

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After finding plausible evidence against the accused man, he was then arrested.

On Monday, January 16th, during an interrogation with Coleman and his attorney, who was present, he was charged. Coleman is now awaiting the finalization of the date of his court appearance.

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