Several Jamaican Citizens Slamming NCB for Allegedly Taking Money From Their Accounts – Watch Video

An outcry for justice by several Jamaican citizens has been making rounds on the internet via different social media platforms after multiple people on the island one by one claimed that a particular bank, the National Commercial Bank (NCB), has been silently robbing them of their hard-earned money.

According to numerous voices, it seems as if when some members of the bank use their cards it declines the transactions but still shows that money has been taken from their accounts. The amount taken varies as it depends on what the individual was trying to purchase. 



A man has come forward and the video of his story has been shared to Instagram detailing two occasions where he has lost money that he never got to use. The individual stated that he tried to spend $32,000 on an Aldo purchase (a footwear and accessory brand), however, since August 21, 2023 when he tried to make the purchase up to now, he has yet to have his money returned.  

He also spoke about another instance where he went to buy gas as his card was declined leading to it being retried and money was taken both times, but only once for gas. 

Watch the video below:


A similar situation took place when a lady on TikTok who goes by the user name Petallia Lifestyle spoke about NCB taking her $250,000 and giving her the runaround whenever she called in for updates.

Her video went viral and she stated that afterwards she was contacted by the bank and her missing money was returned. She said she was even contacted by Michael Lee-Chin who offered a formal apology, but she urged fellow Jamaicans to withdraw their funds from the bank. 

Read some comments attached to the video below:

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