Man Breaks into NCB Port Maria Causing Huge Damages and Brawl – Watch Video

Saturday, September 2, 2023, 7:04 AM GMT-5

On Friday, September 01, 2023, an unsettling incident unfolded at the National Commercial Bank (NCB) branch in Port Maria, St. Mary, leaving bystanders in shock and prompting a wave of online discussions.

In a video shared online, the public bore witness to a man, purportedly suffering from mental health issues, unleashing a frenzy of destruction within the bank’s premises.


The video depicted the man hurling objects from inside the bank, out the front door, onto the front steps and into the street. The bank’s glass doors bore the brunt of his aggression, riddled with holes and shattered fragments. A ceaseless alarm added to the dissonance, echoing the turmoil within.

Outside the bank, a group of concerned citizens attempted to intervene, striving to dissuade the man from his destructive path. Their efforts, however, were in vain, as he persisted in hurling objects towards the entrance, forcing the would-be rescuers to seek cover. A security guard, identifiable by his red and black attire, cautiously approached the scene but hesitated when faced with the volatile situation.

The videographer emphasised the man’s apparent strength and the necessity for those outside to exercise caution.

Watch the video below:


The video, shared on Instagram by user @this_is_a_blast, sparked a flurry of reactions from online viewers. Some found the video amusing, leaving behind laughing emojis. Others directed blame at the videographer for not capturing the footage adequately.

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Another set of commenters expressed sympathy for the man, attributing his behaviour to his presumed mental health condition. Meanwhile, a contrasting opinion emerged, criticising those attempting to rush into the bank, reasoning that the institution is insured and such interventions were unnecessary.

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NCB Bank Comments

One user stated that banks are under attack from all angles amid the recent bank/money robberies that have been taking place in Jamaica.

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