Sex Tape Said to be of Kevin Gates Leaked and Twitter Is Going Crazy!

Sunday, May 17, 2020, 6:08 PM

Kevin Jerome Gilyard, better known by his stage name Kevin Gates, is an entrepreneur, singer and rapper signed up with Atlantic Records and Bread Winners’ Association.

His tracks have been in the Billboard’s top 200 numerous times. However, he has made it to the #1 trending topic on Twitter today for all the wrong reasons.


A sex tape was leaked last Saturday that allegedly features Kevin shooting a video with his selfie camera while engaged in intercourse with a woman definitely not his wife, Dreka.

The video has been viewed by millions has been the cause of a huge uproar among his fans as people argue about whether it actually is him or just a look-alike.

The uproar, however, is not just because of the leaking of the sex tape itself but also because of the rapper’s alleged mediocre ‘performance’ in it.

‘Kevin’s minimal effort and near to none movement has been the focus of the controversy around the video. Numerous tweets have been made rating and commenting on Kevin’s performance in the video.

One tweet went as far as to say, “Kevin Gates’s sex tape was so trash. I knew he wasn’t about all the shit he raps bout”. People are actually disappointed with the leaked sex tape complaining about how his performance in the video is nothing compared to his rap verses on the subject.

Just a few months ago A$AP Rocky had a similar video leaked and had been targeted on twitter for his effort. He, however, was successful in blowing it away by saying he had a ‘list of satisfied women”.

See Some comments left below the video on twitter.

It is still up for debate whether the man in the video is indeed Kevin Gates, and since Kevin himself has yet not responded to the leaked video himself,  people are eagerly waiting for how Kevin responds to the situation himself.


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