Sha’Carri Richards Likes Disrespectful Comment About Shelly-Ann Fraser

Tuesday, August 24, 2021, 10:16 AM

After the disappointing loss of Sha’Carri Richards at the recent Prefontaine Classic, she has been the subject of much teasing by worldwide track and field fans who thought she was too hyped and pride-filled before the race and needed to be humble.

The jeering continued after the 21-year-old athlete was seen after the race in an NBC interview, still expressing the boastful charisma that she was known for before the meet. In the interview, Sha’Carri could be heard saying that she is not done and it is only one race whilst bluntly expressing that she does not give a “$hit”.


In the same talk that the defeated female sprinter was having with NBC, Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce could be seen passing and giving a comical smile which would appear as if she was making fun of Sha’Carri.

People then rapidly started to use a photo of the very same moment with the two athletes as memes that went viral on Social media, showing what happens when a person shows no humility and also making fun of her positive drug test for weed.

Richardson did get her high has well when fans of hers made several tweets about the viral interview with one follower saying; “Look at they face love”, and another saying “Shorty in the back look like Lil Wayne”, referring to Fraser-Pryce.

Fans of Shelly-Ann despised the tweets so badly, coupled with the fact that the American sprinter whose Twitter handle is @it’skerrii liked the photo that they came down heavy on her with multiple tweets saying things like “Everyone gotta uplift black women except Sha’Carri who is liking disrespectful tweets about one of the Goats Shelly-Ann Fraser [Pryce’s] appearance” said the angry follower.

Another fan of the Jamaican sprinter wrote “first of all …yall can’t disrespect shelly… in her entire career she has never placed 9th in a race…. @it’skerrii s*** yuh mada…you should’ve let your mouth and fingers run for you in the race I think they would place something else other from 9th”.

The bashing went on and the memes are still generating heat, from one of the most viral athletics moment in history and at this point it does not look like things will cool down for Sha’Carri unless she gets back to the track and prove her doubters wrong.

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