Sha’Carri Richardson Gets Big Offer From Weed Company

Even though Sha’Carri Richardson was counted out of an opportunity to take part in the Olympics, due to her being tested positive for THC, she now has the possibility of earning big from her own mistake as she has been offered a position to become an ambassador for the Dr Dabber Vaping organization.

The big offer on the table for the track star also has a nice $250,000 laid down to compensate her as a spokesperson, for the company if she decides that the opportunity is worthwhile.

The title of the position given to Sha’Carri is “Resident Doctor”, and if she says yes Richardson will also be testing vape pens, and dab-rigs as a part of her responsibility.

There has so far been no response from the US track star concerning the position however, it would be quite a turnaround for her earning power this summer since she lost out of the Olympics.

Since being tested positive for THC, Sha’Carri Richardson has soared to much fame, which also impacted her social media presence, boosting her following exponentially.

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Check Out: Vegan cbd treats  

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