Shaggy Still Giving to Bustamante Hospital After Gleaner Controversy

November 19, 2019

Even though Shaggy was busy with the Disney event in which he was playing Sebastian the Jamaican crab in “The Little Mermaid” in the US.

He had the controversy about the money he raised at the “Shaggy and Friends Foundation” to deal with, as a Gleaner article had caused people to question his integrity.


However, the money that was set aside for the expansion of the intensive care unit (ICU) was at the Scotiabank as the chairman at the hospital Dr. Kenneth Benjamin planned to partner with the foundation to build a three-story building to treat more patients.

The Jamaican-American ambassador for Reggae-dancehall music all over the world was affected negatively by the controversy and was even more hurt when his 11-year-old daughter asked him if he would be going to clear his name by talking the truth about the funds that were raised at the last “Shaggy and Friends” event.

Burrell who eventually revealed the information about the money that has been sitting in the bank account, as it is earmarked for the ICU, which is a new project. As the policy about handing over equipment to the hospital.

In January 2020, the next concert was scheduled to be held. Jamaicans are now looking forward to continuing the support of the project so that the children can benefit from having a good hospital to be treated in.

Since the bank manager also issued a statement about the money that is still in the bank. The Shaggy and Friends Foundation has decided to continue the good work.



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