Shaggy’s Wife Puts Jamaica Gleaner on Blast for Misinformation

Tuesday, May 18, 2021, 6:07 PM

Rebecca Burrell, the wife of Jamaican-born international recording artiste, Shaggy, is not pleased with information the Jamaica Gleaner published about the Shaggy Foundation’s use of any money made from previous Shaggy and Friends Concerts.

Mrs. Burrell, notably angered, posted a series of tweets on her social media platform, blasting the newspaper, asking for a retraction of the false information published. In her first post, Mrs. Burrell outlined that she and Mr. Boombastic have been together for over 20 years declared that her husband has always wanted her to migrate to the United States, but she was reluctant to do so due to her love of Jamaica. This love has now changed due to the current developments.


She went on to tweet, that it seems there are no longer options in Jamaica with its “Fu©️£ry”, which she says she is tired of, and would rather to live in the middle of the wilderness, or out in nowhere, just to some peace of mind since the country sucks the life out of people.

She then targeted the Jamaica Gleaner who she tagged in the post, by clarifying that she said all monetary interests go to the Bustamante Children’s Hospital and nothing goes to the charity foundation. The newspaper carried a contrary statement about her saying that all financial interests belonged to the foundation.

According to Mrs. Burrell, she did not say any such a thing, and went on to further explain that the Shaggy Foundation has never taken a salary or anything of the sort, even when the principal amount made has grown interest. She also made it clear that the Foundation, has never made a payment to any director involved in the Foundation, herself, Shaggy, or anyone who signed up for service. Mrs. Burrell also outlined, that these were the reasons she did not want to speak with the Gleaner as they seem to be involved in “mixup”.

A voice note was also released online, with Mrs. Burrell clarifying the handling of the funds, where she made it clear, that the Bustamante Children’s Hospital was the sole beneficiary of all proceeds, and the money was in an account where the principal cannot be touched.

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