Shane E and Uptop Camp War intensifies

Thursday, January 14, 2021, 1:45 PM

Mobay dancehall artiste Shane E and Teejay are not seeing eye to eye and Jdon Heights a member of the Uptop Camp is taking matters into his own hands, defending his team by throwing insults at Shane E.

Shane E a couple days ago released a hardcore dancehall track titled “Sandy Park” in which he warned persons from Sandy Park community not to start a war with him because he would “fckup Sandy Park”.


A picture has been circulating with Shane E’s phone, one foot of his shoes and the alleged board used to beat him.

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Today Jdon Heights follows up with a new song called “Evidence” highlighting how and what was used to beat Shane E, he also gave details on the numerous places Shane E can’t return to in Mobay.

Listen the song below.

Earlier Teejay posted on social media, calling the Drag Lawd a Drag Queen, see his post below.

Shane E is not taking things for joke and replied to teejay via a post of his own on IG, he wrote “can’t bother with the talking” while tagging the Uptop Boss.

Now the dancehall world awaits for a reply from Shane E and better yet a reply from Teejay.

Shane E’s Sandy Park is currently the 15th most stream content on youtube in Jamaica., Listen the grimy lyrics below.

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