Shane O Acts like a Mad Man in “Good Life” Music Video

Dancehall artiste Shane-O was forced to act today based on the countless amount of concerns that were coming from his fans, based on a video that was shared on Instagram that went viral. In the video, Shane-O was seen in a very deplorable condition searching through the garbage of a gully.

Some of the “Take it to tell me” artiste fans were even brought to tears, when they saw the video, knowing how talented the deejay is, to have ended up in such a condition. It turned out, however, that the viral footage was a part of a music video for the entertainer’s newly released track entitled “Good Life”.

The fresh new song is a well-made work of art by the deejay that puts the message of telling the bad mind to ” F$&k off”, as the primary element of the chorus. In the verse, the “Last days” artist spoke about the fact he needs to reach the point where he has land titles in his names, as he has faced the fight and worked very hard.

In the same verse he spoke of the fact that he cannot change the world, but only change himself, and apart of that process is protecting his energy by hanging up his phone when haters call him.

In the second verse, Shane-O expounded on him being glad his pains are over and that Jah never made him fail.

In his journey according to what the song says, he has seen where God has exposed the fakes and with that being said the deejay affirmed in the song that they will not see his days being over, they will only see him take over as he is a born star, and the only thing left for him to do right now is to travel the world.

Watch the eye opening music video below.

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