Shaneil Muir And Mother’s Drama Continues With Leaked Voice Notes Plus Telling Statement – Listen Audio

Sunday, January 21, 2024, 11:31 AM

The unravelling drama between Shaneil Muir and her mother has gotten worse as voice messages are leaked. These leaked voice notes apparently reveal mother Suzette Gilburn making disparaging remarks about her daughter while arguing.

The leaked voicenotes were shared on Instagram. A telling statement was also posted by seemingly one of Shaneil Muir’s siblings. Notably, Shaneil and the @roxyblessedstylist who shared the telling message follow each other plus the voice recording appears a day after Shaneil talked about exposing her mother after she made a bad comment about her online.


The sibling sought to shed more light on the mother-daughter conflict and expose Gilburn for putting on a facade in public. In the profanity-filled audio recording, the woman, presumed to be Gilburn, criticised her daughter for still creating secular music despite saying she would change.

The woman also dragged her for her appearance by stating that since she is still in the secular world, she should have cosmetic surgery because she looks like Humpty Dumpty. Additionally, the second leaked audio consisted of the woman telling her daughter, “Mi a nuh yuh madda, a aunty big one a yuh mada. Gweh, go s**k yuh ma and gweh.”

On the other hand, the written text shared states that Gilburn left her six children behind in Jamaica and led the public to believe that she only had one child (Shaneil Muir). Roxyblessedstylist continued by saying, “mi honestly nuh understand why we mother a gwaan so and a mek it seem like the likkle girl wicked.”

According to roxyblessedstylist, Muir has aided her mother many times but, in the eyes of the public, acted like Muir had turned her back on her during her time of need.

“You make everybody think she didn’t want to help you when you asked her, deliberately put her down and asked her to marry your boyfriend. and both of you aren’t straight. how dat go work, you a put man before yuh pickney dem (six a we),” the caption continued.

Following this, Roxy expressed that her mother’s actions were not “sane” and urged her to refrain from such behaviour, emphasising that none of her children had done anything wrong. The caption concluded with a stern word of advice to Gilburn, saying, “You know you are WRONG. STOP FROM PROVOKE YUH PICKNEY DEM AND MAKE AMENDS.”

Listen audio said to be Shaneil Muir’s mother below:

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