Shaneil Muir Calls Out Man Over Her Missing Dog ‘Marley’ – Watch Video

Top Gyal Shaneil Muir got heated over her missing dog Marley, who she initially gave to a man to give away, but immediately after, the dancehall singer regretted her move and requested the man to return her dog the same day, according to Shaneil Muir.

Consequently, Shaneil Muir took to social media to address the situation and seek help to locate the man in question, who has since gone incognito.


The Exclusive artiste, in her recent Instagram Live, expressed her love for her dog and the reason why she resorted to giving away the dog in the first place was because of passport issues relating to the dog and her unavailability to care for the dog.

“I said to him can you, if somebody caa get him fi keep him until me finish him passport, cause am dealing with his passport so him can travel to Jamaica, yes dog need passport fi travel, and I was in the midst of doing that,” Shaneil explained.

Shaneil Muir also pointed out that she regretted her decision to give away her dog immediately because of the bond she had created between her and her dog. The singer then seemingly reached out to the man she gave the dog to give away, to return the dog, but her calls as since gone unanswered.

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“Me call you after that, me call you, me text you, me text you Instagram me call you face time, me call you regular call me nevin call me man so much time bredrin and I called you me text you girlfriend weh me find inna you Instagram page I texted your girlfriend and, I asked her to reach out to you,” Shaneil revealed, as she claims the man had not replied to her multiple request and messages sent to him.

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See the full video below:

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