Shaneil Muir Talks About How She “Hit Rock Bottom” and Her Current State – Watch Interview

Dancehall artiste Shaniel Muir offers more insight into the hardships she faced in the industry, resulting in her deciding to turn over her life to God.

The artiste, who was making waves in her career as a “Top Gyal” in dancehall, decided to take a break from the genre after she had “hit rock bottom” following a “disagreement” with her former manager Richie Flores and money issues that also concerned him. The whole incident blew up on social media when she came out in public about the matter, saying in tears that her manager betrayed her.

Shaneil Muir Talks About How She 22Hit Rock Bottom22 and Her Current State Watch Interview

 “So there was a disagreement based on a lot of different factors, so it wasn’t just specifically towards money,” she said to Anthony Miller during an interview with TVJ’s Entertainment Report. 

While she pointed out that if she had signed a contract instead of making a verbal agreement, there would not have been an issue, Shaniel did not reveal too much because the situation is still being dealt with legally.

“Feeling of betrayal, feeling of being used. I felt like, ok, mi nuh wah do dis nuh more, like dis is it…because if people wicked so mi nuh wah inna it,” she explained.

While saying that things did not go as she wanted, Shaneil noted that things happened as they should because she now has control. She also opened up about still feeling the urge to cry at times, but she is in a better place with a partner who supports her in every way. The Exclusive singer got engaged in February, three days after her grandmother died. 

“I thank God for him everyday… He’s been there along the way… He’s been here physically, mentally, emotionally,” She stated.

After closing the dancehall chapter of her life, the Yamabella singer launched a hair salon with her sister in Montego Bay, St James. She also continues her musical path in a different genre that she has not specified. Three days ago, she released a song entitled Change, centred on her hardships.

Watch the interview with Shaneil Muir below:

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