Shaneil Muir Shows Off The Buff on Live “Is this not a fat front?”

Tuesday, November 28, 2023, 7:12 PM

Shaneil Muir has been receiving some criticism online after sharing a couple’s photo, which led to some internet users bashing her boyfriend over his appearance. The latest criticism that came her way was a comment about her body, which indicating that she had undergone cosmetic surgery.

The comment was made during her live stream by a viewer who said, “made in China body.” The statement prompted the Top Gal singjay to respond by flaunting her “natural” ass, waist, flat tummy, tits, and crotch.


While mimicking a British accent, Shaneil stood to show the camera her “Jamaican-made” body. The artiste pulled her loose pants around her thighs to show her butt, which she jiggled in front of the camera.

Pulling her pants taut to show her hips and her crotch, Shaniel provided an acceptable representation of what Jamaicans like to call “the buff.”

“Is this not a fat front blood? I ain’t got no draws on,” she said.

Shaneil, who was braless, also pulled up her blouse and tucked it under her tits to show off her tummy as she boasted about having a natural body. 

“Ain’t never been on no surgery table, fam. Am proud of that, yeah,” she added.

Watch the video of Shaneil Muir below:

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