Shaneil Muir Talks on Her “Narcissist” Ex-Boyfriend – Watch Video

Tuesday, May 21, 2024, 9:55 PM

Shaneil Muir shared a message with her female fans regarding narcissistic partners, revealing that her ex-boyfriend is a narcissist. The Top Gyal artiste spoke to her fans about toxic relationships during a live stream, urging women to walk away from such situations instead of fighting for an unhealthy relationship.

“Mi nah go be di one yuh can string along. Nuff time we wull on pan things weh a hurt we, and we wull on hoping that he’s gonna change, hoping that he’s gonna do something miraculous and be somebody that you want him to be. But if a person is just going to change to suit you and not themselves, then you’re in big trouble,” she stated.


The Dancehall artiste indicated that the narcissistic traits that were once well hidden would be exposed when that individual realises that the benefits they were receiving are no longer present due to their partner discovering their manipulative ways. 

Shaneil Muir added that narcissists will even play the victim and blame their partner for allegedly being a bad person. “A person can only act for so long before they lose character. They are narcissists,” she continued. She also mentioned that she and others who are people-pleasers will always attract narcissistic men.

Nevertheless, she noted that she will never change who she is and urges females to remain genuine and not be influenced by the mistakes of others. Sending a message to her ex-boyfriend, she said, “I haven’t lost a thing…you lost me… How does that feel? I know it hurts.”

She also told her ex-boyfriend, “F**k you and your feelings,” in a new song, Mannequin, which she played during her live stream.

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