Jamaican TikToker Reveals She’s Being Accused of Giving Her Ex-Boyfriend HIV – Watch Video

Friday, May 17, 2024, 2:29 PM

In a move to dispel any negativity surrounding her name, Jamaican TikToker, author, and HIV awareness advocate, Minister Alicia Anderson, has addressed her ex-boyfriend’s alleged rumour that she gave him HIV.

Anderson contracted HIV at the age of 24 and has since devoted her life to creating awareness about the disease, appearing on multiple programmes to share her story as well as on TikTok. While her videos are usually used for ministering and informing her viewers about HIV, Anderson has used her platform to address her ex-boyfriend’s purported threats.


Anderson expressed that she was hesitant at first to speak about the matter but wanted to talk about it before it turns into a topic of discussion on social media. She said that it was not her intent to hurt her ex, which is why she has not revealed his identity, but he has allegedly threatened to publicly state that he contracted HIV from her.

Anderson also accused her ex of falsely accusing her estranged husband, Ian, of also having HIV, which she strongly objected to. Anderson said that her ex had been abusive in their relationship and suggested that if something happened to her, he should be considered a prime suspect. 

Further disclosing the details of their relationship, Anderson alleged that her ex was completely aware of her HIV status but had chosen to have unprotected sex with her on numerous occasions.

“When I came by you, you knew. Because anybody weh know me knows I’m going to text you to tell you that do you know that I have HIV or I’m HIV positive, and I’ve been living with it for so many years? So you knew. You never stopped until you went without a condom,” Anderson stated.

She went on to state that despite her ex’s accusations that she gave him HIV, he still has not been tested for the disease. In addition to apologising to him if he in fact has the virus and got it from her, Anderson also advised him to get tested and treated.

Watch Anderson speaking on the allegations below.

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