Luciano Accused of Trying to Kill Fellow Rasta Artiste – Watch Video

Reggae veteran Luciano is accused of attempting to harm the fellow rasta deejay, with whom he had the confrontation three weeks ago. The deejay first appeared in a viral video featuring Luciano snatching a microphone from him after he rushed onto the stage to perform without waiting.

In a new video, the deejay shares that an attempt had been made on his life in the past, which resulted in multiple holes in his head, but there was no justice. However, he indicated that Luciano, whom he called ‘Big Dread,’ sent a man for him, and he retaliated by hitting him on the head with a block.


According to Rebel, the police came for him, and the court ordered him to either pay a fee or do jail time.

“Jamaica nah nuh law…Mi is a man weh dead already and nothing nuh come outta it, and from mi come back alive, mi nuh too play wid mankind.” He continued by stating that a group of men were searching for him at an event, hinting that the men were Luciano‘s friends.

“The other night I go to a session to perform and a set artiste instigate my life,” he said, adding that the person behind it seemingly just wanted what he had or his talent. He stated, “Search out di dance a ask fi mi, one dreadlocks with two bald head.”

He also noted that he was followed when he left the event and saw a vehicle pursuing him, but he reached home safely. Further in the video, he said, “Luciano still follow mi up.” 

Later in the video, he indicated that he left Jamaica and went to another Caribbean island, but Luciano allegedly paid a man to kill him. He claimed that Luciano reportedly had multiple others, including friends of his, killed.

Watch the video of Rebel below:

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