Shani Apologises to CMR and Crissy, “I am Sorry for The humiliation and Embarrassment…” – See Post

Only a day after CMR publicly posted an apology letter to his wife for cheating, his former mistress took to social media with a letter of her own. The letter posted to Shani’s TikTok account apologised to the carters and the public for how she conducted herself online and expressed her regrets for the affair.

The letter, which some noted was similar to CMR’s apology, began with the statement, “I am writing this letter to express my deepest apologies for the bad behaviour I exhibited on the internet.” Emphasising how much she is sorry, Shani added that she is “remorseful of the persons she hurt.”


“Cushane Carter, I have hurt you very badly and I hope you and your wife can forgive me of my dull-witted actions it’s crucial not to shift blame or make excuses for my mistakes,” Shani wrote. Shani described herself as a “hurt and petrified young adult” with a past that left her suffering from “very bad depression and anxiety.”

“You can expect better and more appropriate behaviour from me in the future.”
She also stated that she regretted casting public “humiliation and embarrassment” on the Carter family and herself. The letter ended after pleading with the couple to accept her apology.

See the video Shani posted below:

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This second letter caused more speculations online, with readers wondering if it was planned/or written by CMR. While only a few readers said they were “proud” of Shani, one said, “Leave the internet mon yo too much. because me 100% sure you don’t mean this ..smh.”

Another stated, “Hold up. CMR write apology letter a day prior to you writing yours?! That seem like it’s planned between you and CMR.”

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