CMR Apologises To Crissy, “forgive me” – See Statement

After trying to convince the public and his wife that it was a prank and then going back to say he was being falsely accused, CMR has issued a lengthy letter of apology to his wife for breaking their wedding vows.

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The letter was posted to his Instagram not long ago and has already started circulating the internet, confirming what many people already believed; he cheated with Shani. The post was accompanied by two words in the caption (“To Crissy”), and the comment section was turned off, forcing readers to take their opinions elsewhere.

At the beginning of the public apology, he wrote, “I am writing this letter to express my deepest apologies for the pain, embarrassment and hurt that I have publicly caused you and the entire family. I know that my actions have hurt you deeply and I take full responsibility for this.”

The letter goes on to say that what he did was an act of “weakness,” and he will forever regret it. CMR noted that he is aware that he betrayed her trust and stated his commitment to correct his mistakes.
“You and our perfect little girls are my WORLD, a world that wouldn’t make an ounce of sense without you or my kids,” he continued. 

He expressed his dedication to their vows and readiness to start working on what they have. The letter touched on the fact that the affair went public, saying that their “most sensitive and intimate business” should never be shared online. 

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In conclusion, he reassured her that he still loved her and her family and expressed his hopes of she forgiving him. The letter ended with the words, “I pray that God gives us the strength to overcome this hurdle. With all my love, Cushane Carter.”

CMR Letter

Read the letter below:


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