Shani Says Her Haters are “Jealous” of Her Affair With CMR – Watch Video

As the days go by, more and more drama is being added to CMR’s infidelity saga. Shani has now addressed the critics for speaking ill of her by telling them off on a live stream, in which she said they were “jealous” of her affair.

During a TikTok live stream, the comments apparently were rubbing Shani the wrong way and prompting her to snap back.

“Why my life badda unuh so much? Why it affect unuh so much? Unuh did wah help mi fk di man or sumpn?” Shani asked her viewers.

Continuing, she called the critics “pressed” and added, “Unda di quiet enuh, unuh a some badmind, jealous bitch. Unuh wouldn’t mind if unuh coulda get di man fi f**k him.”

Shani argued that if her haters had the opportunity she had, they would’ve slept with CMR as well. She accused the viewers of clout chasing and told them to bash CMR since he sought her out.

Shani previously spoke about feeling suicidal because she contributed to the current issue in CMR’s marriage with Crissy. However, she seemed to have gotten past those thoughts as she told the viewers she no longer cared what anyone had to say.

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“Unuh opinion towards mi nuh matta at this point. Unuh aaffi undastan seh when somebody really don’t care, dem don’t care, and I really don’t care,” Shani stated.

Watch the video of Shani below:

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