Shaniel Muir’s Ex-Fiance Responds to Alleged Theft – Watch Video

Wednesday, May 29, 2024, 2:52 PM

Shaniel Muir‘s ex-fiance sought to clear his name during a social media Live after it was alleged that he stole $1.7 million from the Mobay dancehall artiste. It was never confirmed who stole the money, but due to the series of events which unfolded one after the other, it was speculated that Muir’s ex-fiance was the guilty party.

On Saturday, April 27, Muir made a post warning women about partners who want to steal from them, stated a specific amount of 1.7 million, and then confirmed her relationship status as single on May 8 via another post on Instagram.


After many speculations by fans of the entertainer, her ex-fiance made an ambiguous attempt to clear his name by stating, “guys listen man wi been a make money hear? Wi a make money from seven grade…anybody weh know me know that.”

Watch the short video clip below:

The video was posted to the TikTok account apeaceofmind2023 and while some people were focused on how light his complexion looked compared to photos taken with Muir, there were others who believed his statements.

Twinkle | Girly Content said, “Cup a coffee turn milk tea,” and Tam_iica wrote, “Ano lie him a tell still,” and went even further to point out that Muir still has not confirmed who took the money.

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However, while some are swayed, the larger public remains sceptical about his innocence. One individual even wondered, “So how is now he coming to talk dis crap?” The sole reply to the comment said, “Him have to rehearse weh him a go come say.”

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