Sharks Mating Caught on Camera and It Looks Like a Very Violent Encounter – Watch Video

A captivating and startling 8-second video of three sharks engaged in a fierce mating ritual has left viewers astonished and intrigued across social media.

In the footage, a female shark found herself in the midst of an intense encounter with two males, who bit at her vigorously.

Many viewers were surprised by the seeming aggressiveness of the mating process, some even mistaking it for a fight. However, marine biology enthusiasts were quick to shed light on the natural phenomenon.


According to one viewer, this behaviour is a regular part of the animal’s reproductive process and plays a crucial role in the survival of their species.

Additionally, he stated that delving into the field of marine biology can provide a deeper understanding of these fascinating creatures and the complex behaviours that define their existence.

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Shark comments

On the other hand, one observer humorously likened it to a “wave” rather than a “train,” as multiple males were present in the ordeal. Others were in awe of the sea creatures’ fierce behaviour.

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The video, posted on Twitter by @cctvidiots, has taken the internet by storm, garnering over 10.8 million views and being reshared 6,037 times in under 24 hours.

See the video below:


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