Shauna Controlla To Give Major Performance At Sumfest 2019

Shauna has been a big stand out in the music business, and she has a designer body, but the success she is now seeing has a lot to do with her personality, her hard work, her creativity and not just a good-looking artiste. She said in a recent interview that she wants people to be focused on her when she performs.

When she spoke about her name change from Shauna Chynn to Shauna Controlla, she said there was another Shauna Chin that is having problems because people who were looking for the other Shauna Chin and they were constantly finding her (Shauna Chynn) instead. The new name Shauna Controlla is better for her now as she thinks it goes better with her new look and where she is in her career at this time. Her lawyers agree that the name change is a good thing.

She said she trusted an agency that is based in the Dominican Republic to do her body makeover, they are professionals and gave her a comfortable place to recuperate after the surgery. She thought she had to change a few things about her body because she has an eleven-year-old son and her skin needed to be tighter.

Her own music is her focus now even though she managed other artistes in the past. She said, “it is hard to manage the fame, as it will make you lose yourself and it can damage your whole life, as the artistes’ mentality can be all about making money and forgetting that you can lose everything in a short space of time as you are still human. It is easy to get caught up with hype and fall too early in your career, and you might never rise again.

Shauna believes young artistes should remain humble, hungry and focused, even if they don’t have a designer body, they can still do well in the music business. She spoke about Koffee and her success as a young humble Jamaican and Lady Saw who was, and still is a very powerful performer who didn’t change her body to be successful.

She also said there are people who think for the moment and some think about how they can benefit for a lifetime. Shauna has been in the business for a long time and she was encouraged to continue managing the careers of young Jamaican artistes, as it is clear that she knows a lot and young artistes could benefit from hrer experience.

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