Shawn Storm ‘Praying’ and Talking to “GOD” Amidst Appeal Hearing in UK

Dancehall artiste Shawn Campbell who is more commonly known as Shawn Storm is remaining consistent in his belief that he will be a free man soon.

Notably, most of his posts in recent times contain the hashtag #Freedom in the caption, not only that, all the posts on his Instagram page have prayer emoji(s).

February 14 marks the first of two days of the appeal hearing at the UK privy council which will decide the future of himself and the other co-accused men including Vybz Kartel.

Shawn Storm and Vybz Kartel

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Thursday’s hearing was live-streamed and seemingly a lot of people online are of the view that the leader of the Gaza will get a favourable ruling, while on the other hand, some commenters are stating that after the appeal, the convicted men will remain behind bars for a long time.

Vybz Kartel shared a photo on Thursday of himself along with Shawn Storm and the other men who were also convicted in 2014 in what turned out to be one of Jamaica’s longest-running trials, 64 days in total.

The picture shared by Kartel did not have a caption but the song tagged said a lot, the song tagged is Freddie Mcgregor’s ‘Prophecy’, lyrics from the song say, “freedom is a must i know”.

On the other hand, Shawn Storm reshared the post from Kartel and tagged Etana’s ‘Free’ song with the lyrics playing, “Gonna be free like a bird in di sky, gonna be free gonna fly so high, gonna be free gonna free my mind…”

As a caption, he wrote, “More while u afi jus talk to GOD🙏🏽 #FREEDOM #GOD&TIME #PrayWithUs.”

Vybz Kartel, Kahira Jones, Andre St. John, and Shawn Campbell, also known as Shawn Storm, were found guilty of the killing of Clive ‘Lizard’ Williams.

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