Shelly-ann Fraser Partners With Digicel and Grace Kennedy to Donate Tablets and Computers

Monday, November 30, 2020, 1:26 PM

Olympian, Shelly-ann Fraser-Pryce, in partnership with Digicel and Grace Kennedy enabled children who are having difficulties accessing online classes to be able to get a chance at education, with the donation of tablets and computers.

The runner donated 25 tablets, to her past high school, Wolmers Girls and 25 to the Shellyann Fraser resource centre.


10 of the tablets were gifted by Digicel, with 50 free sim cards with 10 GB worth of data, which also allows the children to access a wide variety of educational websites without data charge.

The other 40 tablets, were purchased by Shelly-ann Fraser Pryce, who is excited to be able to give students a chance to catch up on learning in such a hard time.

The work centre also benefitted from 6 computer systems and out of those, Fraser Pryce donated 2 while Grace Kennedy donated the remaining 4 with comfortable chairs.

Check out the video posted by her online below.

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