Shenseea and Spice No Longer Following Each Other on IG as Beef Continues

January 19, 2021 12:22 PM

The rumours about a beef between Spice and Shenseea got a little more fuel when both artistes stopped following each other on Instagram.

It is alleged that Spice was advised not to collaborate with Shenseea because she would lose her place at the top, as Queen of the dancehall to Shenseea who would outshine her.


In the past both Spice and Shenseea were friends, but Spice’s religious advisor revealed that he told Spice that he didn’t want her to collaborate with Shenseea.

Shenseea has mentioned that she wants to collaborate with artistes but no one is taking up her offer.

The ”Shengyeng“  DJ told her fans on an online live, that her manager has even contacted female artistes in Jamaica to see if they would collaborate with her, but they all refused the offer.

Fans have been speculating that the song “Upset” that was released by Shenseea had targeted Spice because of how the lyrics were written. “A prayer carry Mi, mi bun wickedness and iniquity” she sang. It was done at a time when the obeah rumours about Spice were swirling all over.

Romeich Major who is Shenseea’s manager unfollowed Spice as well. Even though not much is being said.

Jada Kingdom thanked Spice when she performed in West Palm Beach, Florida and she even said Spice was her Mentor.


Spice reposted Jada Kingdom’s post and said how much she appreciated the gesture.

However, Shenseea had been thanking Spice in the past as well, she admired her hard work and determination.

Some social media users were not happy about Spice’s response to Jada, they believed many other female artistes had thanked her before and she didn’t say anything much about them, but because Jada Kingdom made a social media post, she got all the attention from the “Black Without Apology” artiste.



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