Shenseea Becomes Dog Mom After Getting Pet AS A Lunch Date Gift

Shenseea is in a very excited mood at this point in time as she has recently become a dog mom upon being gifted with a French Bulldog on a recent lunch date she went on.

The singer shared the news with her Instagram fans on Wednesday by posting a slideshow of photos with her and the new pet that Shenseea revealed the gender of by referring to the animal in the caption of the post as her.


What is not known for sure though is the identity of the person she went out with on the date but there is much room left open for assumptions since she has recently been seen moving very closely with American producer London On Da Track who she was even seen holding hands with. On March 15 the singer hosted her Alpha Album launch and in full presence at the event was London who showed how much he was into the “Blessed” artiste by giving her jewellery.

Shenseea did try to dispel the rumours as to who she is with on the recent Breakfast Club interview that featured her by making it clear that no one knows who she is dating and that she has decided to keep the relationship from the public.

In the caption of the post, the singer wrote “Fun Fact; I was invited to a lunch date and on my way out, i saw this dog. Love at first sight i tell you 😩 My date bought it there and then from the seller. I’ve been obsessed since. Guess, what’s her name? 😍”

With that being said by the “Run Run” artiste, fans were quick to roll out their names and adoration for the dog who has a black and white appearance with dotted eyes and looks as if it is able to be fitted in a purse.

One fan who goes by the Instagram handle @platinum_kenisha stated that her name was “Alpha” while popular radio personality DJ Nori suggested that the dog’s name was “Rof Rof”.

Even though the question Shenseea posted to her “Shengyengs was to guess the name of her new pet, some of her fans were very much bent on finding out other things as one of her followers who goes by the Instagram name @tucumseh_ stated commented, “Bruhhhh we wanna know who your date was not no dog name 😒.”

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