Shenseea Bigs up Jada Kingdom While Bashing Critic Who Accused Her of Trying to Steal Spotlight from Jada

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 10:59 AM

As dancehall\pop artiste Shenseea is set to release her first collab with dancehall heavyweight Masicka this Friday, a dancehall fan is claiming that Shenseea is trying to derail or ride on Jada Kingdom’s recent wave in the dancehall space. The comment from the fan prompted a quick response from the ShenYeng singer.

According to the disgruntled fan, every time Jada Kingdom has a buzz or releases a song, Shenseea tries to steal the spotlight for herself by dropping a song days later. The fan was also prepared to take on anyone online who disagreed with her analysis.


“I know uno a come at me, I said it already and me see a pattern. Anytime jada put out a song couple days after there go shen. And uno a go say everyone have them fans and blah blah just this look like someone weh no see the next one rise. And me have free wifi can answer all a uno,” monica_tyra declared.

Shenseea was quick to play down the accusations and seemingly tried to avoid any future beef with Jada Kingdom by hailing her up along with all the artistes in dancehall music

“ACTUALLY, Hit & Run was supposed to come out same week as Jada’s song. I personally pushed back my release so we can all have our own moment. Stop trying to segregate di culture WEIRDO! Big up all a di artiste dem ina dancehall, including Jada,” Shenseea outlined.

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