Shenseea Buys Romeich A Plot Of Land

Shenseea is still in the season of giving back to her team to show her appreciation with her latest surprise being the grandest gift she has ever given. The “Blessed” singer, after gifting her managing team big, icy Rolex watches two weeks ago, she bought her former manager Romeich Major a plot of land.

Romeich took to his Instagram page Thursday to share his gift with his 1 million followers and expressed his gratitude for the marvellous gift. Romeich posted a video checking out the land saying “life is good” because he now proudly owned the land that has been his “dream”, being that it is on the main street of Waltham Park Rd and Campbell’s Blvd in Kingston.


In the short video, Romeich encouraged viewers to do good deeds because great rewards would follow. He stated that this was the area where he grew up and now his accomplishments have taken him from within “the lane to the main”.

“I own the lane to the main an mi just a seh big up to Shenseea cause a she buy dis fi give me,” he said, and also added “One Shenyeng, I love you. Thank You so much.”

In the caption of this video Romeich wrote, “FROM THE LANE TO THE MAIN @romeichentertainment You all saw @shenseea giving the team watches well I have gotten one of best gift ever She bought me the Land that I could not get that completes me owning the front part of campbells blvd😭😭😭😭 its all happiness and joy #oneteamonedream That’s why me tell uno people do good and good will reach uno don’t watch the chatting and negativity Positivity is Key!!! Big up to all people,company and me Team and most of all big up GOD and MOTHER P my mom! SOMETHING GREAT GONNA GO ON THIS LAND ME NAH ASK CHRIST!!!”

Check out the post below.

In March, when Shenseea presented her team with new glistening Rolex watches, she posted the joyful occasion on Instagram saying she would always be there to lift her team up the way they have lifted her up throughout her career.

“I am grateful for the team I have. They literally do anything I ask without complaint, look out for me, learned me, lift my spirit when i’m down, ride for me from the start..i remember when we had to do free shows over and OVER again to promote my brand. THANK YOU! Your loyalty is never unnoticed. When I’m up my team is UP! ♥️ My day one’s @romeichentertainment @slydadiwizard @djblackboi_1 🥂 #ALPHA,” She captioned the Instagram post.

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