Shenseea Clears The Air on Pregnancy for Drake Rumours – Video

Shenseea the popular dancehall female artiste, told her fans that they shouldn’t believe all the things they see out there about her. People have been putting together stupid stories and posting them on websites. She believes there will be worse to come because of the business she is in, but she won’t be coming on social media to clear up the mess more often.

The artiste said she won’t have time, she is at 4.2 million followers and growing from over 1200 on Instagram, and she did it by being herself.  She said at one time when she saw some lies that were told about her she had wanted to sue the liars but her lawyer said it would take too long to sort it out. 

She talks about someone who is always about women empowerment and she won’t do crazy things just to get publicity.

Her personality gave her followers and she doesn’t plan to change. The question about pregnancy was addressed when a fan on the live asked her if she was pregnant or not. They wanted to know when she would be having a daughter.

She said she wants a daughter but she won’t be having one soon because she will need to be in a relationship and she is not in one now. She believes she will need to build something strong with the man she has a child with. For now, she is building her career.

Shenseea went on to outline the rumour about her pregnancy for Drake was a lie.

Shenyeng released “Run Run”, the first song from her upcoming album, she explained that her new project will not be just a dancehall album, it will be mixed with other genres.

Watch her live chat below.

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