Shenseea Drops Freestyle Diss Seemingly Shading London On Da Track’s Baby Mother – Watch Video

April 5, 2023

While fans patiently await Dancehall princess Shenseea to release new music, the artiste has decided to give them a taste of what she is capable of by sending a message through a lyrical freestyle.

Just a short while ago, the ShengYeng boss uploaded a video to her Instagram account of her spitting some hard lyrics which included a line that suggested she had a bone to pick with a certain female who made distasteful allegations against her son.


The witty freestyle was done on Akon’s Locked Up song’s beat. After talking about how much the men that she gets involved with always claim her, she touched on her struggles and being from the island, and then she got to the point of addressing the baby mother.

In the track, Shenseea said, “diss mi nowhere to run, hard fi hold mi tongue. Sorry I’m just a mum, tell di babymadda mi wi go a jail fi mi son.” It can be inferred that Shenseea is finally replying to the claims made by London On Da Track’s baby mother who had taken to social media via Instagram to tell the Foreplay entertainer to keep her “nasty” son away from her daughter.

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The allegations seemed to imply that Shenseea’s seven-year-old son, Rajeiro Lee, had done something explicit to her child. At the time, Shenseea had not spoken up about the implications made.

Taking it a step further, Shenseea sang, “Locked up, dem a try fi get mi locked up. But mi pray and only pree fi get mi rocks up. Mi nah f**k up mi bag jus fi get nuh props up…ShengYeng don’t apologize to nobody, I, never the one fi start it but mi quick fi reply.”

Watch the video and listen to the freestyle below:


Her comment section went wild with fans who were excited about the lyrical flow that she uploaded and the shots that were fired. Someone stated, “Shots fired watch the emotion on her face when she says that line I love itttttt,” and another person voiced, “London’s baby momma needs to know 😫😫 Shen don’t play bout Raj😒.”

Read more comments below:

Watch the full video below:


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