Shenseea Sends ‘Cease And Desist Letter’ To Baby Mother of London On Da Track

Popular music entertainer Shenseea has allegedly filed a cease and desist order in an effort to settle an ongoing public dispute with one of London On Da Track’s baby mothers, ‘Eboni Ivori’.

Shenseea’s son Raj, was accused of being inappropriate with Ivori’s daughter, which caused an uproar on various social media platforms last month, to which ‘Ivori’ shared portions of a letter on Instagram on Friday, December 2nd, and was adamant about being unapologetic on the matter.


The cease and desist letter highlights several distasteful remarks, Ivori posted on November 14th in an effort to put a stop to the dispute, which can be seen as defamatory and inappropriate towards the Jamaican entertainer and her 7-year-old son. It also orders a public apology via social media from Ivori followed by a retraction of the previous statements made.

“Lol. Apologize. Y would I apologize for what THEY did wrong? So they look sweet and make money that idgaf ab [about],” A screenshot of the letter was layered with remarks that Ivori authored.

In her defence, Ivori published a video of her daughter Paris supporting her allegations in an effort to show that her previous claims were accurate.

“These are children! Learning and growing….this should have been held privately! It’s disgusting that as an adult you would publicly humiliate these children because of your personal feelings towards another adult. Grow up,” a distressed viewer commented on a TheShadeRoom IG post.

Although some people saw Ivori’s public declarations as a cry for help, others felt that she should have addressed the situation in a more professional manner rather than disclosing sensitive matters to the public.

Shenseea hasn’t responded in the media and given Ivori’s past conduct, she might stay away from the drama that will shed a negative light on her son.

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