Shenseea Giving Away 100 Tablets

Female Dancehall artiste Shenseea has been making some charitable moves recently, and your child could benefit from it.

The “Lighter” artiste recently posted a video letting her “Shengyeng” fans know that she is giving away 100 tablets to students islandwide, who are in need.

She said that every student deserves to get an education. For those who are desperately in need, Shenseea said they could contact her directly, and she will send their tablets.

The Romeich Entertainment artiste, also clarified that the tablets were not for sale so if there are any sightings of anyone selling the tablets they should report it.

Shenseea also stamped her logo on the tablets so they have a unique look with her branding.

Check out what she wrote below.

If you know any student in need of a tablet, feel free to reach out to Shenseea. See her video post below.

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