Shenseea Says “I need to win a Reggae Grammy”: Says She Was Never ‘Done with Dancehall’

Sunday, May 26, 2024, 7:42 AM

Hit & Run‘ was about her ex-boyfriend, says Shenseea to Winford Williams after being asked about the success of the song. “I just did not know it would go that big that quickly,” outlines Shenseea as she talks about its impact, outlining that the “kids” are the largest listening group.

In the Interview with OnstageTV, She also detailed the reason for naming her album ‘Never Gets Late Here’. According to Shenyeng, the Album’s title is a result of one of the songs recorded for the album and also the essence of partying in Jamaica never stops regardless of the time.


Next, Shenseea, whose birth name is Chinsea Linda Lee, talked about her fallout with many fans after saying that she was ‘taking a break from dancehall’. Shenseea says that the haters make it sound as if she is leaving Dancehall, something that she did not say because it’s “impossible” for her to do so.


She declared that despite being hurt by some comments, she predicted the backlash based on seeing similar backlash being given to other artistes. Notably, in another recent interview, Shenseea stated that she watched the Bob Marley Biopic twice because it reminded her of her struggles.

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The comments sound as if Shenseea wanted to join another culture, Winford Williams told Shenseea, which she agreed to and stated that all artistes do say things at times that the fans take out of context.

Back in 2022, Shenseea stated, “I told myself I’m gonna do Dancehall for five years. I have given myself to Dancehall; I have given y’all hits upon hits, upon hits, upon hits, upon hits, for five years bro… And I am not leaving Dancehall because I could never. What you f-kin thought? I did not say that”

However, in her new interviews, Shenseea is outlining that she did not say that she’s ‘Done with Dancehall’ at any point in her career. She attributes her love for making different genres to the fact that while growing up, initially, she listened to Pop, R&B and gospel. She only started to listen to dancehall while going to high school, “I been mixing my genres” she stated.


Shenseea went on to detail the genre of her new album, “for me it is Reggae.” She then stated that it has some “Afro vibes… RnB vibes… Reggaeton,” and pointed out that there is no Country music nor Pop Music, it is mainly a Reggae and Dancehall album.

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She also informed the public that she took two years to make the album and during the online saga about her taking a break from Dancehall, she was actually making Dancehall music in the background for her album.

In further expressing her love for the Jamaican genre, she said, “I have to win a Reggae Grammy first, I need to win a Reggae Grammy.” The 27-year-old next stated that she “need people to recognise” that she is waiting for “our time” and she will only attended the Grammys when she’s nominated for a Reggae Album.

Shenseea concluded by saying that she believes that her comments were taken out of context and she knows deep down that the people love her and she also loves the people. Nevertheless, she mentioned that “one and two people” who don’t like her perpetuate bad statements online.

Watch the full interview below:

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