Shenseea’s “Run Run” Video is Demonic Says Foota Hype, Mr Vegas Disagrees

Monday, July 19, 2021, 10:45 AM GMT-5

Shenseea released her video for her song ‘Run-Run’, now many fans are upset and disappointed in her video because they believe she sold her soul. In an attempt to clear Shenseea’s name, Mr Vegas says people are being ignorant and ignorance can be detrimental to a person’s well-being and we have to be careful of things we don’t know much about.

He says the Yoruba God is being used and the Europeans turned Esu into the Devil and Esu is our highest God according to African teaching.


Shenseea is going against the European norm, and he doesn’t see anything wrong with it and he was like the people who are talking against her before he learned more African teachings. He wasn’t aware of the difference in the things that were taught by Europeans and what was taught by Africans. He believes Shenseea is just adding imagery to her music because she has a new manager and she is doing things in a new way.

Vegas remembers when he was against Alkaline when he just came out. He didn’t like the shirt Alkaline wore with Lucifer on it and other things he did. He changed the way he thought about Alkaline after his eyes were opened to the African religion.

However, in the comments many YouTubers didn’t agree with him, they said he was a bit confused.

On the other hand, Fellow dancehaller Foota Hype was totally against the happenings in Shenseea’s “Run Run” music video. According to Foota, when some people talks about their god, it’s a different one from the holy god that himself and many others serve.

Foota outlines that he saw the route Shenseea was going down from a longer time because the almighty has instilled certain visions in him. He explains that a lot of persons contacted him about the video however it was not a surprise to him, “I saw this coming” he outlined.

Watch Footage Hype live chat below.

Check out the controversial music video that is currently trending at number one in Jamaica below.

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