Shocking Footage Of Huge Snakes Living In A Ceiling – Watch Video

Monday, February 13, 2023, 2:44 PM

In a frightening video on Twitter, a group of people seem to have been sharing a home with some very large snakes. Although the video is not of the best quality in terms of resolution, it is safe to assume that the snakes living in the roof of this house are anacondas.

The reptilian creature, according to, can be identified by its dark green colour and its alternating oval-shaped black spots. The snake also possesses oval spots with yellow-ochre centres that run along the sides of its body.


While the country the video originated from was not identified, the language on the equipment the men in the video were wearing can be identified as Malay, which is spoken by three main countries: Indonesia, Malaysia, and Brunei.

The video shows the tail of the snake hanging from the ceiling of a building as men, who appear to be trained professionals, attempt to get the beast’s attention by touching it with a long pole with a loop attached to one end of it.

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An unseen person in the video appears to hit the ceiling with another pole, which causes it to cave in. Two extremely large snakes fell from the ceiling, surprising both the professionals and onlookers. As the large creatures retreated further into the building’s roof, people could be heard screaming in terror at the sight of the huge reptiles.

Watch the video of snakes falling from roof below:

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